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About Grace's Tiers Bakery

Grace's Tiers is a full scale bakery specializing in custom cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! Our cakes range from traditional cakes, themed cakes, to wedding cakes. 

We also offer a variety of gourmet desserts, elegant pastries and breads. In today's world we keep in mind there are individuals with certain health and sensitivity needs, so vegan, sugar-free, keto and gluten-friendly options are also available. (It's best to pre-order as we do not always have those options in stock.) 

When you walk in our shop you can take your picks from 26 options of cupcakes everyday!! 

Per policy all custom cakes, speciality orders, and pastries must be placed 2/3 weeks in advance based on current events and holidays or it could result in an additional fee.

REFUND POLICY: ALL cancellations must be had within 48 hours from placing your order, and you will receive a full refund or an option of store credit; after 48 hours of placing your order will receive a store credit ONLY. 


Our team works hard to prepare for your order and ingredients are ordered or created in advance. We are a growing family owned and operated storefront and orders and processed on a first in, first served basis. Therefore, if you cancel, your order has taken up time that could have been used elsewhere. If your cake is a custom cake that requires special designs, inscriptions or other decorative elements those are often times ordered immediately  after booking.

Once picked up, customers accept all responsibility for the transport of any product to their location. We will not give refunds if there is a mishap during transit. We are happy to advise all our customers as to the best way to transport their cakes should they ask for it, but it is the customer’s responsibility to exercise extreme care when moving and transporting their cake.

"Let Us Bake You Happy"

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